We live in an era of multiple planet-wide challenges, from climate change and sea-level rise to terrorism and recession. We sink or swim together. Signing the Earth Allegiance Pledge is a sign that you consider yourself not just as a citizen of a specific country, but also as a responsible citizen of Planet Earth. As of January 4, 2016, people had signed from 44 countries.
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“ I pledge Allegiance to the Earth
and all the Life which it supports –
One beautiful Planet in the Cosmos,
in our Care,
with Justice, Peace and Rights
for all Living Beings. ”

Sign The Earth Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Earth and all the life which it supports,
one beautiful planet, in the Cosmos, in our care,
with justice, peace and rights for all living beings.


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1,186Happy Gilmore L.Hopefully heaven
1,185Tehra H.Us
1,184Paolo W.United States
1,183Richard H.United States
1,182teresa M.United States
1,181Linda J.United States
1,180Amanda L.USA
1,179luis fernando i.México
1,178Alexandra S.Sweden
1,177AdultTVstar x.Playboy
1,176Joseph S.USSR
1,175TedBundy R.United States
1,174Adolf H.Nazi Germany
1,173Anthony Thomas T.United States
1,172Ian S.United Kingdom
1,171Diego Explored Dora D.Mexico
1,170Drink B.Tide
1,169Amalia d.United States
1,168Body on floor... Brain on wall... Gun in hand .Hell (recently enrolled)
1,165YOU MOTHER f.dad
1,164Arsonists @ can I come in your home 1.Firey Hell
1,163Stupid Pantheists!!!!!!!!!! I.Pan Land
1,162Where Dora Doesnt Explore q.Your Crotch
1,161shes explored my D.China
1,160shes explored mine! d.Honduras
1,159has dora explored your crotch s.Myanmar
1,158Bernie S.United States
1,157Cold Bodies X.My Freezer
1,156Hard as my... d.The Club
1,155Karson L.United States
1,154Prisoner B7735629 G.Alcatrez
1,153hard nipple e.Lesotho
1,152Andrew P.United States
1,151Biggest D.Guinea-Bissau
1,150Jon K.US
1,149Charles M.United States
1,148Trent S.United States
1,147Cole S.United States
1,146Vladimer P.Russia
1,145Alex C.United States
1,144Big D.wrfb
1,143ben d.wrnjfbebgfhgtwr
1,142Douglas C.United States
1,141Kristi S.United States
1,140Neville D.South Africa
1,139Hugo de van G.Vometing Projectiles
1,138Matthew T.Yalgief
1,137Bobby B.Antarctica
1,136jeff l.United States
1,135Dana M.United States
1,134Chelsy D.United States
1,133Frida S.Sweden,Earth
1,132Paul S.Earth
1,131William Jeffrey E.USA
1,130Amber P.United States
1,129Antionette d.South Africa
1,128Ilze D.South Africa
1,127Josaphine D.United Kingdom
1,126Ryan L.usa
1,125Charles P.United States
1,124Tammy A.United States
1,123Brenda E.United States
1,122Joyce Marie C.United States
1,121Cory B.USA
1,120James S.US
1,119Daryl D.United States
1,118Ella B.USA
1,117Matthew M.United States
1,116Ulrica H.Sweden
1,115Aron G.USA
1,114Lesley T.South Africa
1,113Moreen M.United Kingdom
1,112Tanya U.Canada
1,111Diane B.Canada
1,110WILLIAM M.United States
1,109Donna W.United Kingdom
1,108Emma D.Australia
1,107Cole A.United States
1,106Mariah B.Canada
1,105Aine H.Ireland
1,104Derick N.Puerto Rico
1,103Kyle C.United States
1,102Wally G.Canada
1,101duygu r.Turkey
1,100Xiuh M.United Kingdom
1,099James G.United States
1,098Ross D.Australia
1,097Joseph S.United States
1,096Hilary T.United States
1,095Erin M.USA
1,094Rene B.United States
1,093Benjamin R.United States
1,092Jeff S.United States
1,091Daniel C.Venezuela
1,090Robert R.United Kingdom
1,089Lane E.United States
1,088manu d.UK
1,087Heather G.United States
1,086Lori N.usa
1,085Aubrey S.United States
1,084Ian T.Great Britain
1,083Rick B.United States
1,082Michael J.United States
1,081Pam S.United States
1,080Patricia M.United States
1,079Michael M.United States
1,078SABRINA B.United States
1,077Rue S.United States
1,076Corran T.Scotland
1,075David R.United States
1,074Ryan P.United States
1,073Erin F.United States
1,072Jerome D.United States
1,071JOHN W.South Africa
1,070Janet Q.
1,069Robert H.United States
1,068Paul W.United States
1,067Melanie N.United States
1,066Shannan D M.United States
1,065Julie Irene H.United States
1,064Hugh M.United Arab Emirates
1,063Charles S.United States
1,062Kelly B.United States
1,061Courtney F.United States
1,060Drea P.United States
1,059Daniel V.USA
1,058Marcus G.Netherlands
1,057Kathryn C.New Zealand
1,056Jack D.USA
1,055Hartmut F.Germany
1,054Zach B.Eeearth
1,053Daniel P.United States
1,052Cole J.
1,051Bethany H.United Kingdom
1,050Arn P.Philippines
1,049Carrson E.United States of America
1,048Brian B.United States
1,047Kevin B.United States
1,046Amber H.usa
1,045Jeff S.United States
1,044Artemis S.United States
1,043James P.United States
1,042Tyler S.United States
1,041Rhiannon T.America
1,040Carol W.United States
1,039Catherine .USA
1,038Dustin C.United States
1,037Chloe A.United States
1,036Clive F.England
1,035Sanskruti N.India
1,034Anushka K.India
1,033Anna A.England
1,032Alicia N.United States
1,031Amira N.Australia
1,030Tara G.USA
1,029Dedric A.United States
1,028Gergely B.Romania
1,027Beverly S.USA
1,026Tasha B.United States
1,025Meghann B.United States
1,024Alexander G.United States
1,023Hasan M.United States
1,022James S.United States
1,021mark h.United States
1,020Jenn E.Usa
1,019Jenna H.United States
1,018Shari L.United States
1,017Becky D.United States
1,016Steve J.United States
1,015Nicole K.United States
1,014Barbara F.United Kingdom
1,013Rachael C.Scotland
1,012Kyle C.United States
1,011Ioana Lidia I.Romania
1,010Matteo P.Italy
1,009Laurence B.United States
1,008carole b.uk
1,007Madalyn H.United States
1,006Emily R.United States
1,005javier f.United States
1,004David N.United States
1,003Constance S.United States
1,002Julie R.United Kingdom
1,001Clive W.England
1,000Robert B.United States
999Patrick D.United States
998Caroline D.New Zealand
997Bart v.Netherlands
996Roland L.Canada
995Tyler R.United States
994David B.England
993Jessica R.United States
992Riplee D.United States
991Stephanie Y.Canada
990Rudy S.Bolivia
989ANna V.Usa
988cheryl D.USA
987Jane H.United States
986Angelina C.U.S.A
985John S.United States
984Jyotsna S.India
983Gustavo S.Mexico
982Jo H.Canada
981Denise P.United States
980jenny g.Canada
979Jack G.USA
978Jenny W.United Kingdom
977Endre L.Norway
976Vicky B.UK
975Bella Cristina A.United States
974Mary P.United States
973Diane T.France
972Adrian H.New Zealand
971Yanette H.Australia
970Mike j.
969Eric op H.United States
968Tim B.South Africa
967Jim H.USA
966Cammie A.USA
965Caroline B.United States
964Jamie Z.Australia
963Basha M.USA
962Reynolds C.United States
961Flo H.Canada
960Brenda B.United States
959Kathleen E.United States
958Maeve T.United States
957Melanie P.Canada
956Mihaela T.Romania
955Jonathan G.Ireland
954Devin D.USA
953Asante A.USA
952Simon O.United Kingdom
951Carolyn S.United States
950Vera H.United States
949Nicola C.South Africa
948Ana M.USA
947Pauline G.Usa
946Liz H.USA
945Romina W.italy
944Aimee C.US
943Michelle T.United States
942Jennifer S.United States
941Trudie S.United Kingdom
940Sherry G.USA
939Joshua O.United States
938Michael M.Australia
937Susan L.United States
936Erin O.United States
935Terry D.USA
934Judy Y.USA
933Julie N.USA
932Talile A.United States
931Elizabeth L.United States
930Eliza B.United States
929Kristi S.United States
928Big P.United States
927Kasrica N.South Africa
926Kjell-Inge K.Norge
925Don G.United States
924Nic R.United States
923Christian W.United States
922Ayushi G.India
921Armando C.Usa
920Terry M.USA
919David S.U.S.
918Taylor D.United States
917Joseph F.United States
916Sarah P.United States
915Timo K.Finland
914Matthew B.Canada
913Gene G.US
912Brandon T.United States
911Luuk P.The Netherlands
910Chris T.United States
909justin w.United States
908Christopher B.United Kingdom
907Nathaniel S.USA
906TiRod S.United States
905Ode D.Indonesia
904Vibhu B.India
903Alexander S.United States
902Mauricio E.Chile
901Youssef Z.Morocco
900Chrectien S.United States
899Neil B.United Kingdom
898Mark B.United States
897Skyler H.United States
896Peter S.United Kingdom
895Vickie H.United States
894Owen B.United States
893Charles C.United States
892Bernard a.United States
891Zelma A.United States
890Chantaal A.United States
889Melanie R.United States
888Jill G.USA
887Warren A.Canada